There is something about journaling, the feeling of pen on paper, the motions, the quietening of the mind and being one with the heart that is just so healing, empowering and powerful.

I started writing journals in my teens, and I have been writing since. My journals are where I pour out my thoughts and emotions. They have seen me through rough patches and also happy times. It is healing to write, and it is also empowering. I wrote many sorrowful events in my journals and I also have had many amazing dreams come true while pouring my hopes, dreams and wishes in the pages. The power of words is immense and life changing. I also love art journaling and have a mix of doodles and mix media art in them.

My love for journaling has led me to make my own journals to write in. Now I make these carefully crafted, handbound journals for others to enjoy. I hold the belief that journaling helps us re-discover our authentic selves and improves our well being. We are here crafting our lives and dreams and living them.

I take great care in making each journal, my wish is that the writers find joy and comfort as they write in the blank pages and create beautiful stories of their lives.

Mettaville’s journals are made with my own hand dyed shibori fabric, op-shop finds and some store bought fabric, I like to mix and match and sometimes the journals can be quirky and one of a kind. I do my best to reduce and re-use whenever I can and be kinder to the earth. ~ Guatyen